From the get-go on “Time, Time,” he hits the listener with fuzzy guitar, thick bass, Motown horns, and tons of strut and swagger. His voice is right at home in the mix, swooning and swaying with the right mix of raucous energy and smoothness. I haven’t seen Get On Up yet, but…” – Independent Clauses

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His unapologetic blend of rock, country, folk and soul has gathered a following that have allowed him to begin touring along the east coast and release this album. It certainly showcases his refined talent and “knack for memorable melodies and soulful, bluesy delivery.” Magic is more focused, with a raw, driving rock and roll style.”  – All Access Music, May 2014

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“Some of the best music transcends time and popular culture. Songs that are so universally relevant and captivating that from the first time you hear them you feel likethey have always been inside you. The mystery of New York based, singer songwriter Paul Phillips, is in how he is able to not only create recorded music that fits this bill buthow he is able to translate that feeling into live performances as well. To experience Paul’s music is to immediately be connected to something old, something new and something wonderful all at once. Paul Phillips’ new album Every Time I Leave, draws from his southern gospel roots and his love for old time country and blues. Blendingdriving Roots Rock with gentle Folk ballads, it’s a mix that’s well suited for an eveningdrive into the sunset…radio up, windows down”.

– Ring Street Records, Jim Trick


“Paul Phillips Band plays music to move you that is soulful, thoughtful & fun! Paul is a writer of great songs you’ll love from the first listen!”

-WBZ Radio, Boston, Brian Wheeler


“At least four of the songs could be radio hits…the opener “Come Home”, the title song “Every Time I Leave”, though I myself am quite impressed with “Jefferson Road”, which reminded me in more ways than one to Bob Seger’s “Main Street” and that’s acompliment for me! Something similar can I say about the absolute pinnacle of the album, “Time, Time”, which in atmosphere is more than a little reminiscent of the songs on “Acadie” by Daniel Lanois. Big Names which I quote here, but whoever takes thetime to listen to this record several times thoroughly will agree with me: “Every Time I Leave” is a particularly beautiful record from a man, who in my opinion, we will be hearing more about very soon on this side of the ocean.”

-Dani Heyvaert, Rootstime, Belgium (read the full review here)


“Paul J. Phillips strikes gold!! He crafts some excellent tunes on Every Time I Leave. “Time, Time,” “Come What May” and “Until We Meet Again” are simply gorgeous tunes.”

-Independent Clauses


“Paul Phillips has an affable voice, an easy delivery style and serioussongwriting chops, all of which are on fulldisplay throughout “Every Time I Leave”.

– Wildy’s World music blog


“One of my favorites of all time.” -WCWP College Radio, NY Chris Macintosh