Street Art


Living in NYC you become instantly aware of so much going on around you, and if you pay attention you’re likely to see something quiet, intentional, surprising, something beautiful just beyond the next corner.  One morning while meandering with friends through Brooklyn, I stumbled upon the what would end up becoming the cover for “MAGIC“.

There was a construction site on a quiet side street that was surrounded by a barricade of plywood, painted the richest color blue.  As we were walking towards the waterfront around the barricade, I found the image that would become the cover to my new record.  The image itself looked like magic!!  A giant disembodied hand directing a dirtbike rider jumping over a shark tank.  The hand was about 6 feet tall itself, a massive wheat paste installation.  The writing on the wall…jumping the shark…there is so much depth to this carefully placed image.  But I was in love with the image itself, and the whole serendipity of the artistic experience I stumbled upon.  I took a quick photo with my iphone with plans to return the next day with a proper camera but when I returned, the image and barricade had vanished.

So it is with street are, here one day gone the next.  There’s never charge for admission or to appreciate.  Works for the sake of art, or for a silent thoughtful protest, made in the quiet of the night for any random passer-by to see when the sun comes up.  Little works, big works.  If you’re looking for art & beauty…look around you.  Here are a few of my favorites.